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Goal #1

Goal #1: Understand the relevance of eLearning practices in Training and Development in academic and corporate settings.

In the blog below, I am identifying with Dr. Johnson’s interview.  He says “it is clear that a lot of the policies and procedures that we have in place for the traditional programs are not going to work for these more innovative types of programs, so we need to rethink what is involved in online delivery” (Johnson).  I relate to this quote and suggest eLearning have their own set of guidelines.  This shows my understanding of current eLearning practices in training and development, because these are issues of quality training in both an academic and corporate settings.  I further discuss Bates and the importance of vision and planning of eLearning.


Johnson, D. S. (n.d.). Interview by A Fein [Web Based Recording]. Institutional issues., Retrieved from


Goal #2

Goal #2: Develop a comprehensive and strategic understanding of online program management issues.

In this blog below my assignment was to “use the readings as inspiration and think where I stood regarding models for eLearning courses or programs.”  In this assignment, it is evident I have a deep understanding of the importance and issues of eLearning program management. I compare Khan and Bates views of project management.  I was able to relate my understanding of managerial issues in my own work as a “lone ranger.”


Goal #3

Goal #3: Understand the various stages of eLearning programs and initiatives in an organizational context.

The examples below show evidence to my understanding in various eLearning programs and initiatives in an organizational context.  Example 1, is my top ten questions an organization should consider prior to implementing an eLearning program.  In this assignment, I prioritize the issues pertaining to the management and development of eLearning Programs and give an explanation of each.  These top ten questions would give an organization insight beyond implementation on issues that will affect an organization’s a eLearning program at various stages.  Example 2, is a reflection on reallocation of funds that I would you recommend to my company if they were to launch an online initiative in the next 12 months.  I discuss reasons for changing the face-to-face classroom trainings to online courses.

Example #1


Example #2

Goal #4

Goal #4: Analyze management practices that support and facilitate the various stages of eLearning implementation and maintenance.

The forum posts below is are examples of my understanding of analyzing management practices in eLearning at various stages of eLearning.  Example 1, the assignment was to assume the role of a program manager of a five-year old online program and how to approach this task with both a formative and summative evaluation.  Then, how would I integrate the results from the evaluations.  Example 2, is an assignment about an institutional change case study.  Empire State College drastically changed all of their distance learning to all online in a year and a half.  I related to this management decision of implementation of eLearning to strong leadership.

Example #1


Example #2


Goal #5

Goal #5: Conduct research that guides informed decision-making in eLearning environments.

In the weekly milestones leading up to the Final Project, my group and I explored an in-depth quality management in eLearning. We researched and wrote a paper about quality assurance, titled Ensuring the Quality of Higher Education in eLearning.   The research consisted of history, importance, literature reviews, and examples of quality eLearning in higher education today. For week 9 milestone, I presented my research and findings on quality of eLearning in higher education.  The presentation video gives evidence of my research with eLearning data, literature, and information on eLearning quality.  The knowledge gained will guide me to make informed decisions  in eLearning environments on quality in the future.

Ensuring the Quality of Higher Education in eLearning