Goal #1

Goal #1: Understand the relevance of eLearning practices in Training and Development in academic and corporate settings.

In the blog below, I am identifying with Dr. Johnson’s interview.  He says “it is clear that a lot of the policies and procedures that we have in place for the traditional programs are not going to work for these more innovative types of programs, so we need to rethink what is involved in online delivery” (Johnson).  I relate to this quote and suggest eLearning have their own set of guidelines.  This shows my understanding of current eLearning practices in training and development, because these are issues of quality training in both an academic and corporate settings.  I further discuss Bates and the importance of vision and planning of eLearning.


Johnson, D. S. (n.d.). Interview by A Fein [Web Based Recording]. Institutional issues., Retrieved from http://learn.education.illinois.edu/file.php/1989/Week_02/johnson_transcript.pdf


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