Top 10 questions

tenTop 10 questions an organization should consider prior to implementing an eLearning program

1.  What are the costs involved to implement and develop an eLearning program? Is this a cost-effective solution?  The costs include: course development, purchasing a learning management system, IT support, infrastructure, additional staff and time.  Often the startup costs are very costly.

2.  Does the organization have content experts to develop effective courses? Are these experts computer savvy? Will the organization have an instructional designer to help?  Developing course materials and making them interactive can be difficult and very time-consuming.

3.  Does the organization have an effective Learning Management System?  Is the LMS easy to navigate and can it withstand the organizations number of users and class materials?

4.  Does the organization have effective course development software?  Is the software interactive?  Is the software mobile friendly?  Since learning tablets and cellphones with internet are fairly new, many course development software are not mobile friendly.

5.  Does the organization have reliable IT/ help desk support?  IT/ help desk support will be needed for working out log-ins, computer compliance, set-up, and technical support/issues for learners and instructors.

6.  What unit or person is going to be responsible for managing the eLearning project?  Having a leadership unit or one person to be in charge of progress, ongoing problems, and questions is needed for things to run smoothly.

7.  Does your organization have a vision and strategic plan for the eLearning program? Are there goals set for the organization to meet?  According to Bates “Visioning is a techniques that allows those working in an organization to understand the full range of possibilities for teaching and learning that technology can facilitate and the possible outcomes, acceptable or otherwise, that might result from its implementation (Bates, 2000)

8.  What type of training will the organization’s staff need prior to implementation?  Will the instructors or learners need training on technology? Well trained staff will help things run smoother upon implementation.

9.  How is the organization plan on funding the eLearning program?  Will you charge tuition?  Will you receive government funding?  ELearning costs are ongoing and long-term funding should be considered prior to implementation.

10.  How and when will the organization evaluate the new eLearning program? Who will do the evaluation? When implementing a new program it should be evaluated to get all the kinks worked out and to improve the programs effectiveness.


Bates, A. W. (2000). Managing technological change: Strategies for college and university leaders . San Francisco: Jossey-Bates Publishers.


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