Funding Strategies

Which funding strategy would I recommend for my organization?

I would recommend a reallocation of internal funds for an online initiative.  Currently, my organization is implementing a learning management system (LMS) in the next couple months.  This is a major expensive for the organization, but very beneficial for trainings, saving administration time, and better record keeping.  Developing online unsynchronized and synchronized courses within the LMS, would allow for a cut back on face-to-face teaching. “To change the way we teach by replacing some face-to-face activities with technology based learning and by making more effective use of faculty with the help of technology” (Bates, 2000). The reallocation of funds to online classes/ trainings could potentially save the company a lot of money.  Funding for class trainings currently involves a lot of travel and time spent.  Many of the classes that are mandatory for new hires could easily be made into unsynchronized courses on the LMS.  New hires are frequent and trainings are often required before working on the job, this often causes many face-to-face trainings to be very small,  I would suggest the time and money of content experts be relocated for developing online courses in the LMS. “By using Web-based materials, on-line group discussions, and email, classroom teaching activities maybe reduces by up to half, freeing the instructors for work on technology-based learning” (Bates, 2000).


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