Technology Infrastructure

Ryan Thomas, Director of Information Technology at the College of Education at University of Illinois, was interviewed about the college policies and what he think is important on technology infrastructure.     From this interview I learned that the College of Education does not have its own policies on hardware, software, and network use for online distance learners and online faculty.   The College of Education uses the University’s policies on these areas and those policies are set by a committee from the Office of CIO.

Faculty and students having differently levels of resources make sence.  Faculty should have much more access than a student.  Ryan was not specific on specific learning outcomes or institutional goals that would result from the implementation of technologies in the College of Ed.  He could  have explained on this issue.  I am curious what they are considering to implement.

Setting policies would be great for distant online leaners and faculty, because they have a different set of factors affecting them.  I would make sure a strong strategic plan was in place to meet goals for long and short-term with technology and what is offered to online learners and faculty. Second, setting a policy for hardware might be beneficial.  Such as specific headsets that are approved or recommended.   I think this would be very beneficial for those who are purchasing headsets and helping with audio issues during class.  The best case senario would be the “technology fee” we pay as students, should go directly into buying and shipping students appoved headsets.  



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