Managerial Issues

Khan breaks down the organization by people, process, and project management.  There are roles and responsibilities to individuals involved in eLearning projects in both Khan and Bates.  However Khan is very detailed in roles and seems more fitting in my opinion for larger projects.  Although I enjoyed reading about the process and design stage in Khan, I identified with the Bates lone ranger model in my own work.  Bates, in my opinion is more realistic, because he talks about how projects do not always finish because of money, interest, and bad technology.  One advantage to lone ranger projects according to Bates is it gives the opportunity to try new technologies and freedom.  In my own work, I am apart of a lone ranger project.  I am trying out new LMS for my organization.  I am able to weed out the “winners” to share with a small group of stakeholders.   Lone ranger projects can lose momentum as a project drags on and this can be a huge disadvantage.  Being a “lone ranger” in a project takes a lot of time and that can be a big disadvantage.   In my own project, demos of LMS “winners” seems to keep the small group involved in the project momentum.


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