Vision and Planning of eLearning

Technology has brought about a change that is forcing organizations and institutions to rethink their visions and planning of education.  Dr. Scott Johnson the Chief Information Officer and Associated Dean for the College of Education at the University of Illinois spoke in an interview about challenges, goals, and the development of online programs.  I identified and agree with Dr. Johnson’s comment on “it is clear that a lot of the policies and procedures that we have in place for the traditional programs are not going to work for these more innovative types of programs, so we need to rethink what is involved in online delivery.” Online classes are different from traditional classrooms and they need their own set of guidelines.  The learning process, making classes interactive, and being innovative are important to consider for quality in online education.   Many organizations and institutions need to consider developing eLearning curriculum and programs in a different aspect.  The change is institutions to provide quality online education needs to start with a vision and a plan.  Dr. Johnson gave advice about online development, saying it needs to be run like a business.  I think that is good advice that could be used in many institutions.  As online education becomes more popular there will be more competition.  The University of Illinois has strong leadership like Dr. Johnson to develop visions and plans.  In Managing Technological Change, Tony Bates (2000) talks about vision in organization and institution.   Bates believes vision is more important than planning.  I believe vision is part of the planning process and is an important factor in reaching goals.  I would not say vision is more important, because planning is needed to reach goals.     ~CM~


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