What is eLearning?

elearning is a new idea for many people and businesses.  It is bringing change for everyone in schools, colleges, homes, and businesses around the world.  eLearning is a new way to learn.  Previously learning could only take place with didactic teaching, which is a book, a teacher, and a classroom.  eLearning  has given freedom to learning.  eLearning is learning through technology.  The technology for learning can be with a smart phone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, computer, CD,  DVD, or any handheld learning devise.  eLearning is not just limited to on-line classes.  It is much bigger than that.  When my son plays  “Music Notes” a fun music game on my phone, that is eLearning.  eLearning can take place along with traditional learning in the classroom or it can be untraditional through a video game.                     ~CM~


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